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Starting week three, and the sugar cravings are still here

Sugar sucks.

I gave up eating anything sweet three weeks ago, or was it two weeks ago? I guess two, but it seems like forever. I keep hoping that there will be a point where I won’t feel these intense cravings for sugar or something sweet. In fact, I can say with some honesty that the cravings are not as bad today as they were on July 1st. But saying that is like saying that my bathtub isn’t as wet as the ocean because there isn’t as much water there. Yes, the cravings are less, sorta, but when they hit, they hit hard!

Jaryth is watching “Monsters, Inc.” and he just got to the part with the abominable snowman. “Sno-cone?” he says, and I immediately start wanting a lemon sno-cone. I don’t even like sno-cones and I especially don’t like leman! And then all I can think about are sno-cones, or maybe ice cream, or perhaps a popsicle or maybe a lollipop, my cravings don’t care.

Equal Opportunity Cravings

I used to have this naive view of cravings — namely that I craved specific things. Like Doritos or chocolate chip cookies. But these days I think that is wrong. When the craving for sweet hits, there seems to be no differentiation between what type of sweet it is, just that it is sweet. I know this is true when I start thinking about just adding sugar to my tea — and I don’t drink sweet tea!

I’m tired of craving sugar.

I got over the cravings just now by drinking 12 ounces of mint tea (unsweetened) and reading a bunch of websites.

That’s the only thing that really keeps me going, knowing how even in the middle of a craving I can defeat it by just drinking tea (or something else non-sugar) and thinking about something else. It feels almost impossible at the moment of the craving, but then when it’s over I see how easy it really was to ignore.

Until the next craving hits.

Sugar sucks.

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