I’ve always felt that life is never dull, but sometimes I help it along a little too much. What’s funny to me is that over-scheduling seems almost natural, but these days my idea of over-scheduling is much less rigorous than it used to be. I used to schedule myself with 60+ hours of stuff to do in a week. “Sleep is for the weak” was my motto. These days, I like to sleep. I think having a kid helped me realize how much I like to sleep, since he does his best to deprive me of it.

Jaryth believes that mornings start sometime between 4 and 6am. I instituted the rule of no TV before 7am and no video games before 8am. This kept the sound down a little until he started watching “The Tigger Movie.” That movie is evil. Evil, I tell you! Firstly, there’s the theme–where Tigger no longer wants to be “the only one” and wants to find his family. Finding his family is fine, but why does that mean he can’t still be special? But what’s really bad is the bouncy song. Jaryth likes to imitate it. He bounces off the walls–yes, he slams himself into the walls and bounces off of them. We got an exercise trampoline which he likes to use to start his super-dooper-alley-ooper bounce on. And since you’re crashing into things you have to make the crashing noises at the same time. Luckily he hasn’t tried bouncing off of sleeping (attempting to) mommy.

But that’s not why I’m busy. Some of the things I’m doing right now include:

  • Learning the history and everything about the SCA in the Aquaterra sergeantry program
  • Working on building a website to teach people how to build and promote ebooks
  • Taking a class on equine nutrition
  • Working with several people on building their websites
  • Writing a steampunk novel
  • Writing a technical book (nearly done) on SEO
  • Taking care of Jaryth and our pets
  • Art, including both journaling, book arts, and print making
  • Remembering to call my friends more than once a month
  • Oh yeah, and working…

So, which of those am I working on right now?

None, of course. I came to this blog to update the back end and bemoan the fact that I hadn’t posted anything since August 2012. But I couldn’t get in. Which generated some password angst (was I hacked???). Mark eventually had to reset a few of the server features, and then it worked. Phew! But since I spent so much time doing that (like an hour) I felt I had to post something.