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Giving up Caffeine

A few weeks ago I decided (for some crazy reason) to show solidarity to my brother by giving up caffeine. He was giving up a daily mocha fix and I felt I would give up my multiple cans of Diet Coke per day.

This decision was incredibly hard. I spent a lot of time taking Advil and wondering why I was doing this. This wasn’t helped by my friends who constantly posted messages to me about the benefits of coffee, how coffee was good for you, and that a little caffeine really wasn’t that bad.

Of course, I wasn’t drinking coffee.

And no one was sending me messages about the hidden miraculous powers of Diet Coke. In fact, I got told about “that woman in Australia” who died from drinking too much Diet Coke. I think the person who first told me that story was also telling me I was crazy for giving up caffeine and sending me stories about coffee saving a baby from a well and how coffee makes you thinner and makes bathing suits look good on you.

Aside: did you know that people can SEE you in your swimming suit, even when you’re under water? I think I’m going to start swimming in mud pits rather than YMCA pools.

Well, it’s been four weeks, and except for half a can the first week, I haven’t had any coffee or Diet Coke in that entire time. Go me!

The headaches stopped after about one week. The cravings took a lot longer. There are still days where I pass a 7/11 and think “I could just get a small Big Gulp.”

Aside: does it make me old if I admit that I remember when a Big Gulp was the large size drink at 7/11? These days, it’s the smallest. That shocked me.

But most of the time these days, I can look at a Diet Coke logo and not dream of gulping down all 12 ounces in 15 seconds of pure carbonated bliss. Okay, maybe not most of the time, but perhaps half the time. OK, maybe not half the time, but sometimes!

Perhaps I should stop storing the case of Diet Coke on the kitchen counter?

Diet Coke Pile
The case of Diet Coke is now a stuff pile.

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