Mind the Gap

Insurance to cover what they won’t cover

This is fucked up. My insurance company wants me to pay them gap insurance for a gap in the insurance they are selling me.

What is gap insurance you ask?

Gap insurance is insurance that covers you if your car breaks down soon after you buy it. Your car insurance won’t cover your expenses if your brand new car gets totaled immediately after you buy it. You won’t be able to buy the same car again because they won’t give you the amount of money that you spent on the car.

The moment you sign your name to the sales agreement and the salesman hands you over a set of keys to your new ride, the value of it pretty much takes a nosedive right off a cliff. New cars lose approximately 20% of their value in their first year.

Professor’s House

Double-Dipping Insurance Companies

But what’s fucked up is that then that same insurance company tried to sell me gap insurance.

Gap Insurance = Insurance to cover what they don’t cover.

They are assholes.