I typically walk at the Brightwater sewage treatment plant several times a week. It’s one of those places where if you don’t live here it sounds strange to consider wanting to go to. But I really love this area. Several years ago, King County (the county south of here) needed a new sewage treatment plant, but because of space considerations and, let’s face it, NIMBY they couldn’t get one built in their county. So they came to Snohomish county and set up an agreement to build one on our land. And one aspect of the agreement was that they would build a park for public use.

The back trail

This park has lots of features including a small forest—complete with warnings of cougars, small retention ponds, marshland, and groomed trails. Canada geese come here, as well as dog walkers, and Pokémon hunters. There are at least three gyms and ten or fifteen Pokestops, and I caught my first Snorlax here.

Geese on a pondGeese grazing

I love cattails, and there are lots along the water trails.

Cattails at the bottom of the hillMarshland is beautiful

I would say Brightwater’s only drawback is that some of the trails are only feet from Highway 9 renamed Woodinville-Snohomish road which makes it loud in places and sometimes smoggy.

But generally, Brightwater walking trails are a wonderful place to come walk. If you come and see a woman walking two dogs while playing Pokémon Go, say hi! It might be me.

I love this tree