foggy eclipse morningThe morning started foggy. I was worried we weren’t going to see the eclipse too well because of the fog. And if the sun was eclipsed, would it be strong enough to burn off the fog?

So I tested with the monocle before the eclipse started, and yes, I could see the sun’s full disc on my hand. So that was a relief.

I was using Mark’s monocle to shine the sun onto a piece of white paper. Later on I put up a shade around the monocle so that the image would be clearer and easier to see.

My friend got into it with a colander, but it was harder to see the eclipse than my method. 

When we weren’t watching my monocle viewer, we were watching the NASA channel on my iPad. That made it feel like we were watching the eclipse with tons more people, even though everyone I called was either busy or not answering their phone because they were watching the eclipse.

When it got near totality (we were in the around 90% totality zone) Jaryth looked at it and said “the sun looks like a banana.” 
And it really did! It also looked like the Cheshire Cat at one point.

After totality, Jaryth got bored, but I didn’t. I set up a time lapse with my iPhone. At first I was holding the phone and propping the screen up on my leg. I sat like that for several minutes. But then even that was too boring for me, so I created a makeshift studio with my blankets and the tripod and left it running until the eclipse ended.

My makeshift time lapse studio

My makeshift time lapse studio – so long as the dog doesn’t t knock it over.

I had a lot of fun with this eclipse. See you again in 2019 or more likely 2024…

J sitting watching the eclipse

Did you view the eclipse? How was it? Let me know in the comments below!