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Doodling in Writing Group

Today was a busier than usual day. First I nearly got my Elven Druid killed when she insisted on yelling at the top of her lungs in a cavern where a bunch of people had died. We didn’t die, and she is no longer cursed, so I call today’s adventure 100% positive.

Then I went home and let the dogs run around for a while. Padfoot has discovered that being fenced in is not his style, so he spends most of his days attempting to find ways around the many fences we have been erecting, repairing, adjusting, raising, and so on. Yesterday, we learned how he is getting out now, so this weekend the plan is to raise that section of fence another 3-4 feet. But until that escape route is thwarted, he gets to be locked in a kennel or in the house while I’m gone. Storm, the other dog, just watches him as he runs off, then she comes to me and whines as if to say, “Mom, Padfoot’s run away again…”

Then I left again, dogs secured, to go to the Creative Connections Writing Group. This group has been meeting once a month for over 18 months, and I’ve gotten a lot out of it. The biggest challenge right now is that most of the meetings are held on the same day and time as my D&D campaign. But this month, CCWG was later, so I could attend. Yay!

It was a great session (as usual). With the discussion ranging all over, from writing conferences to accidental humor and more. David said “you’ve got to feed the beast” and Margie (or maybe Veronica, I admit I didn’t catch her name) gave me “I want to run something over you.”

When I was leaving to pick up J, Cara stopped me and said I should post my doodle notes. So here they are, in all their warped glory.