Getting my novel ready to shop out – Nervous!!

It’s been a long time coming, but Digital Dryad is nearly ready for me to show it to agents and publishers. I’ve gotten some amazing feedback from my alpha readers and the Barnsian Nobility (my writing group) and it’s turned this story into something I’m proud of.

Of course, that means that if I share it with an agent or publisher, they will likely 1) ignore it/me 2) trash it. At least that’s what I’m afraid will happen.

This week I’m starting to look at agents to approach as well as publishers that take direct submissions. I also need to send it to my previous publisher (Pearson) as they have right of first refusal. But since they don’t publish fiction novels, I’m confident their answer will be “thanks, but no thanks.”

Now I just have to get over the fear that grips me at the thought of sending it out.