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This is My Story

I have been writing professionally since 1993, but I haven’t spent a lot of time writing for myself. So this blog is where I’m allowing myself to write about what interests me. If it interests you as well, well, I’m glad. But if it doesn’t, frankly, I don’t care.

You will probably read about my pets, my kid, and the various art projects I’m currently attempting. You also will find a lot of my complaining that I want to make public, but don’t want to flood the world with. So if you could help out by not telling your friends and family about this blog, that’d be great.

Okay, I’m kidding, if you want to tell your mom, go right ahead. She’s probably talking to my mom already anyway.

Here is the boring info about me:

  • I write about HTML and Web design
  • I’ve written several books on HTML5, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap, building web pages, and other things internet.
  • I’m currently working on things like a book on CSS, a video series on RWD, and a fiction novel about a digital dryad
  • I’ve worked as a manager, Web designer, Web producer, Webmaster, Web writer, and Tech Support Rep
  • I’ve also herded monkeys and cats, cleaned up after toddlers and library patrons, taught English, translated Uzbek, and bitten baby sheep – all for some sort of remuneration
  • If I could I would spend my days doing four things: playing with my son, reading Science Fiction, writing, and riding my horse
  • If I ruled the world, mean people would be executed, but sarcastic people would be rewarded—as long as it wasn’t mean sarcasm. And kittens would have personal servants to entertain them through the night.

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