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Changing Focus

“To ghost, or not to ghost? That is the question.” “Shakespeare,” maybe Okay, that’s not how the quote goes, I know, but it’s a question I considered for a long time before making my latest life change. I quit my job. I worked as an hourly contractor in a customer support position for the last […]

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Today was a good email day

I don’t open my email as regularly these days. So when I opened the mail today I was expecting the regular deluge of spam, newsletters, random offers, and missed events. And the box did not disappoint. Then I noticed a message that wasn’t from someone I knew or a pundit I recognized. The subject said […]

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I finished Infinity Concerto

The Infinity Concerto by Greg Bear My rating: 3 of 5 stars I read this back when it came out, and I liked it a lot more then. I think my tastes in fantasy have gotten more specific. I liked how he reworked the idea of the Fae and how they interact with humans. But […]

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2020 is So Much Fun

I never used to like the phrase “it is what it is.” It seemed like something people would say when they were dismissing my very real anger or frustration. Or something they would say when they were trying to pretend they weren’t feeling anger or frustration themselves. I know now that the reason I didn’t […]


Panic Hoarding

A friend of mine calls the folks arbitrarily buying up every random thing in the store (e.g. TP and bottled water) “panic hoarders.” Honestly, that is an excellent name for them. I mean, I understand the people frantically buying Purell by the gallon (why, oh why didn’t I buy stock in Purell???), but bottled water? Did Covid-19 get […]