Dreams of an iPad

I’ve got a few apps on my iPod that would be so much more pleasant to use on a larger screen. Take this WordPress app for instance. I find it humorous that many of the complaints about the iPad are that it’s just a big iPod. That’s why I want one! Don’t get me wrong, […]

TV and Movies

Who Killed Kumar?

I just finished the 4th season of House. And of all the characters to kill, why did they need to kill ___? It’s something Whedon would do. He was my favorite of the team. I understand that it pushed forward a plot point. But it was still disappointing to have the nice character die, especially […]



Okay, I woke up with migrating pain in my sinuses. Taking advil and some antibiotic turned that off. Now the dull pain in my jaw is back. Makes it hard to focus or concentrate or write. I wish this were over with. I wish I hadn’t believed that the pain would stay manageable until Thursday […]

Annoyances Health

I am not a number…

Why do medical practitioners insist on treating their customers as cogs in a machine? Some offices use random numbers, others use parts of your social security number, and still others use your birth date. But what about something that is unique to me and I’m used to responding to, know by heart, and makes me […]

Eating Food Humorous

Ah irony

I saw this advertisement today, and it made me laugh. King county decided that all restaurants must put calories on their menus so people have a better idea of what they are ordering. A year or so later they decided to see if this had changed how people order. It did. Now they make their […]