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I finished Infinity Concerto

The Infinity Concerto by Greg Bear My rating: 3 of 5 stars I read this back when it came out, and I liked it a lot more then. I think my tastes in fantasy have gotten more specific. I liked how he reworked the idea of the Fae and how they interact with humans. But […]

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My RWD Book is Out

Yesterday was an epic day for packages. We got Christmas presents from two different family members as well as a box from Amazon for Mark (that is apparently for me for Christmas). Jaryth was beside himself opening the boxes and putting packages under the tree. But the best box, from my perspective, was the heavy […]


Women in Web Design (Book)

I posted a review of one of the O’Reilly Head First books today. Like all the other HF books, it is quirky and fun and fairly easy to read. But as I was skimming it in my final scan before writing up my review, I realized one thing that startled me: There was only one […]

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I met some great people in the scavenger hunt

Today is the last day of the Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt, and I’m partly relieved and partly sad. I’m relieved because DANG! it was a lot of work! But I’m also pleased because I met some great people. I’m hoping I can keep up with them. I met Rie Sheridan Rose The Barnaby Poet, […]

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Dear Amazon, How You Can Fix Your Kindle iPad Store

So, I’ve had an iPad since the first day the iPad 1 came out. And I’ve been reading books in the Kindle reader for iPad almost that long. I am a long-time book reader. In fact, when I got the iPad I didn’t think that ebooks would hold that much of a draw for me. […]