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I finished Infinity Concerto

The Infinity Concerto by Greg Bear My rating: 3 of 5 stars I read this back when it came out, and I liked it a lot more then. I think my tastes in fantasy have gotten more specific. I liked how he reworked the idea of the Fae and how they interact with humans. But […]

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Dear Amazon, How You Can Fix Your Kindle iPad Store

So, I’ve had an iPad since the first day the iPad 1 came out. And I’ve been reading books in the Kindle reader for iPad almost that long. I am a long-time book reader. In fact, when I got the iPad I didn’t think that ebooks would hold that much of a draw for me. […]

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Anonymity – Is it Really Such a Good Thing?

I was reading an article yesterday about how facial recognition is getting so good that there are apps being built for cellphones that can identify random strangers from photos (taken as you walk along with your cell phone). The article was bemoaning the fact that this was a “further invasion of our privacy” and that […]

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Finally, a Flying Car!

I love reading Marc’s Green Living Blog. I do try to be conscious of eco-friendly or green choices, but his blog offers so much more than just that. Yesterday’s post “Finally, My Flying Car is Here” is a great example! I mean, would you really think of flying cars as something green? I mean, heck, […]

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Do People Really Know How to Read?

I’m currently reading Booklife and one thing that he mentions is the idea that school literature programs have made people bad readers. At first I was somewhat taken aback by this assertion, but as I read more about what his premise was, I started to agree with him. In a nutshell: in literature classes in […]