Annoyances Online Writing

I have to wonder, sometimes

I have a form on my site asking for people to define what they feel a webmaster is. It asks: “Share your thoughts. What is a webmaster?” And I received this reply: “Title: Webmaster description…OMG                 I just read several responses to what others opinion are regarding what a webmaster is and quite frankly, the grammar, […]

Adobe Computers Writing

Starting my download of CS5 – boom

I started downloading the disk images of CS5 for my reviews today. Yay! Of course, one of the images failed. <sigh> Hopefully the other one will work. Then I’ll start the second one alone. Downloading Master Collection seems like a bit of overkill. At least I have a nice new BIG hard drive to store […]

Annoyances Email Writing

Here’s a hint

If you’re asking me a question, and I reply saying “I don’t understand what you mean by this word.” Don’t reply saying “I just need information about the same word.” Last week I got an email that read: I am a college student and I am having my thesis right now. I would like to […]

Annoyances Writing

I really should know better

I have been writing for the Web since 1995, and you’d think I would know by now not to engage the loonies, but every month or so I still attempt to interact with them. Today’s email gem was from a woman who found a typo/spelling error on my blog. A simple way to report a […]