Art Class Photos

I am drawing my NGPA for art class

I am drawing my NGPA for a project for my Art class. And to stay inspired, I decided to also try out a challenge from Sue’s site: Out of Border It’s fun! I think what would be even cooler is if I wrapped the text around the edge of the birdhouse, rather than having it […]


on my iPad

This is just too cool. So much easier to type on the iPad than the iPod. Plus it has all the help that the iPod has like the double space for a period and capital letter. Silly to be happy about that but I am. I’m trying a bunch of new apps for the iPad. […]

Annoyances iPad

2x to 4x the cost? Um, not!

So Mark found some analysis of possible prices for upcoming iPad apps and they are insane!! apparently they appear to be planning to charge anywhere from 2 to 4 times more for an iPad app as for the same app on the iPhone. TUAW is falling down by not reporting on this (or not asking […]


I just don’t understand conservatives…

I was reading a post on the US Conservatives blog on As I read that post I was first nodding, then pausing, and finally gaping. It’s not that I disagree with the premise that people lose healthcare when they lose their jobs. But the statement that healthcare is guaranteed in this country just made […]

Annoyances Apple Online

The Search Box is Your Friend

I was reading TUAW this morning, and they were talking about the site and how some people were reporting that the Downloads section was gone. In a nutshell their article was just saying that no, it’s not, it’s just not on the navigation now because they needed room for an iPad tab. My favorite […]