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Went to the vet with a limp, came home with terminal bone cancer. 9 years isn’t enough!!!

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Do People Really Know How to Read?

I’m currently reading Booklife and one thing that he mentions is the idea that school literature programs have made people bad readers. At first I was somewhat taken aback by this assertion, but as I read more about what his premise was, I started to agree with him. In a nutshell: in literature classes in […]


iPad Apps

Okay, I’ve mentioned that I am looking forward to the iPad release. If nothing else, it will be nice to be able to type a little more accurately with my fat fingers. But I have to say that while it’s nice that a lot of developers are working on iPad specific versions of their apps, […]

iPad iPod

Interesting – MacJournal for iPhone

This latest version of MacJournal includes “support for syncing with MacJournal for iPhone” but the iPhone version isn’t available.

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Twitter Meanies

I’m currently reading Booklife by Jeff Vandermeer. One of the first chapters talks about Twitter and he says that he doesn’t really like Twitter because it “fragments [his] attention”. Like him, I don’t find Twitter all that friendly. Many of the people I used to chat with on Twitter now have so many people in […]